130+ Money Affirmations for Financial Abundance

The most powerful 130+ affirmations to attract money, abundance, and prosperity

Money affirmations are positive statements that you repeat over and over again to yourself until you believe them. They’re an effective way to change your thoughts and feelings about money. These statements for abundance are specially created to create a strong relationship with money and to bring wealth into your life. You can tell them whenever you feel the need, but it is good to do a ritual and say it every day.
You can start with 5-10 statements a day. But for these statements to take effect, you need to focus and really feel what you are saying. If you feel the need for a motivational boost, you can repeat these statements several times a day.
Although these statements are effective, the more you give them importance and believe in them, the more likely they are to appear.

I hope that these statements will inspire you and that you will be able to bring the financial stability you need into your life.

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I am about to receive more money than I could ever imagine.

I welcome unlimited income and wealth in my life.

I have enough money to share and spare.

I always have the money I need when I need it.

I create wealth with no effort.

It’s safe for me to manifest financial abundance.

I am open to the flow of abundance.

I release all blockages around abundance.

I am good enough to be rich.

Money flows to me as I do what I love.

I am worthy of investing in myself.

affirmations to attract money, abundance and prosperity

I am attracting money at this very moment.

I have a positive relationship with money.

It’s safe for my family to see how well I’m doing financially.

My bank account grows every day.

I am creating a big financial legacy.

I am worthy of being rich.

My dream life is at my fingertips.

I am comfortable handling large amounts of money.

I have enough money to support my family, loved ones, and friends.

I am safe to pursue my dream career.


I love money and money loves me.

All the money in the Universe is mine to receive.

I am grateful for all the money that comes to me.

I am grateful for all the money that is present in my life.

Money creates a positive impact on my life.

It’s safe for me to be wealthy.

I am rich in all areas of my life.

I trust in my ability to achieve my financial goals.

I am grateful for financial security.

My actions create prosperity.

Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

It is safe for me to have a lot of money.

It’s safe for me to find new income streams.

I attract money doing what I love.

I use my money in wise ways.

I have more than enough money to do all the things I want to do.

I am grateful for unique opportunities to bring in more income.

Opportunities for money are always coming my way.

I attract money by doing what I love.

I have more money than I could ever spend.

My bank account grows while I’m having fun.

I am worthy of financial security.

I use my money in wise and fun ways.

Making money is so easy for me.

My finances are in order.

Money is great and powerful.

money affirmations

I am financially free.

I create infinite wealth.

I am receiving.

I place no limits on the amount of money I can make.

I am able to earn more than enough.

It’s safe for me to have excess money.

It’s safe for me to receive money and abundance.

I am achieving all of my dreams now.

The more fun I’m having the more money I’m making.

I choose wealth and abundance.

It’s safe for me to be debt–free.

Abundance flows freely through me.

Each day I attract and save more and more money.

I am a magnet for abundance.

I am a master at attracting money into my life.

I am a master of creating wealth in my life.

It’s safe for me to enjoy my financial success.

I constantly create new sources of income.

Money flows to me from multiple sources.

I am worthy of having anything I want.

I am ready for the abundance coming to me now.

I am generous with what I have.

I welcome an unlimited supply of money into my life.

I trust in my abilities to cultivate wealth.

I am free to do what I want.

Money simply falls into my lap.

Money flows to me in various ways.

I embrace unique offers of income.

I am grateful for being wealthy.

Money always comes my way.

Money flows to me easily.

Everything I do creates wealth.

I let go of any worry surrounding money.

I am focused on my wealth.

Every penny that I may spend, comes back to me as double.

My income increases every month.

I am excited about receiving more money.

It’s safe for me to create a big financial legacy.

What brings me joy brings me money.

I am at peace with looking at my bank statements.

I am worthy of financial stability.

I am in harmony with the energy of money.


All my financial needs are being met.

Money-making opportunities always come my way.

I am financially flourishing.

Being wealthy allows me to live the life I want.

Money loves me.

I am a money magnet.

All of my positive thoughts are easily manifested into a reality.

I am connected to the universal supply of money.

It’s safe for me to use the money to create magical experiences.

Money grows on trees.

My income is constantly increasing.

I am good enough to be wealthy.

I have a good relationship with finances.

It’s safe for me to have a lot more money than I can spend.

I am financially prospering every day.

I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance.

My bank account grows while I’m sleeping.

My income widely exceeds my expenses.

Money always finds its way to me.

I deserve abundance.

The money supports me and my big dreams.

It’s safe for me to get excited about the money.

My income is expanding rapidly.

I attract money and prosperity with ease.

I am magnetizing abundance.

With gratitude and grace, I receive all that I need and more.

I realize unlimited wealth in my life.

Money flows to me frequently and easily.

I am spending my money guilt-free.

I have a healthy relationship with money.

I am worthy of the best life has to offer.

Wealth is pouring into my life.

Good things come to me easily.

I am worthy of abundance.

I am grateful for creating abundance.

I have a positive and healthy relationship with money.

I openly receive all of the wealth life offers me.

I am fortunate enough to use my money for personal and philanthropic reasons.

Money is all around me.

I get paid well for my work.

Money is drawn to me.

My life is abundant in all areas.

I am aligned with the energy of money.

It’s safe for me to pay off all of my debts.

I am a prosperous person.

I am rich in all areas of my life.

I am enjoying my financial success.

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