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Happiness is what we all want to have. Many people believe that happiness often consists of material things: designer clothes, expensive cars and houses, the latest gadgets, etc. But even when we manage to have them all, we still feel unhappy, we feel that we are missing something. That something consists in the fulfillment of the soul, in the supreme happiness. Often because of the life we lead and the events we experience, we are driven by negative thoughts that affect our lives. True happiness comes from the simple things we do, from positive thoughts, from daily activities, from what we do and feel.                                     In this article you will find 7 habits that we have and that can make us unhappy, but also some tips on how we can get rid of these habits.

We live in a world of negative thoughts
We live in a world where we can be negatively influenced very easily. Either it’s from the media, or it’s because of the people we communicate with.
The easiest thing we can do is try to easily detach ourselves from these negative influences. We can do this in the following ways:
-to read a good book
-to listen to music that we like and relaxes us
-to spend time with positive people
-to watch a movie or a TV show that makes us laugh

We live longer in the past than in the present
Many times we think too much about the past, about the negative experiences we had, about the people who made us suffer, about traumas and conflicts. It would be better to try to focus on the future: to make plans for the future, to better reorganize our way of life, to take care of our health and to think about how to reinvent ourselves and be better. When we live too long in the past, we are trapped in a bubble and cannot enjoy anything that is happening to us in the present.

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Continuous comparison
Unhappy people are usually resentful and jealous of other people around them because they have more money, a better home or a perfect job. . It is not good to covet another’s good. Everyone works for what they have. Some may have fulfilled their dreams more easily, but that doesn’t mean we have to be jealous of them. We have to accept the life we lead, move on and fight for what we want.

We live to thank others
Many times we are conditioned by the society in which we live, by the fact that what we do must please those around us (family, colleagues, friends). This continuous way of trying to please everyone and their appreciation to thank us is not ok. Because at some point we will lose confidence in ourselves and there will be a fear that what we do will not be to the liking of others. So the best thing would be to take care of ourselves and do first and foremost what we like. Let us please ourselves more than we expect to please others.

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We assume that life will always be hard
When we are disappointed in what we live and we are unhappy that nothing happens the way we want, we become stressed and unhappy people. Instead of letting these things take over, we should think positively, learn new things and skills, try to solve problems, to overcome challenges well.

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Excessive reaction
Unhappy people tend to exaggerate when a problem arises, even if it is a small one. They focus on small, minor things. This act of exaggeration can lead to bigger problems, to conflicts. If we face such situations, we should ask ourselves if it is worth wasting our time and getting annoyed with small and unimportant things. If the answer is no, then let’s focus on the really important things in our lives.

Fearing the future
Another habit of unhappy people is that when they think about the future, they imagine all sorts of situations about how everything could go wrong. And because of these fears, they are afraid to make new attempts, to take a step forward in life.
Although it is unrealistic to claim that happy people do not worry or fear the future, they have a better idea of what to do with those frightening feelings. They are always looking to see if they can do something to prevent unwanted results, and then take action, if possible.

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Lack of exercise
Finally, most of the habits on this list are psychological, but one of the most common physical habits of unhappy people is maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. Studies consistently show that people who take the time to exercise at least a few times a week (even a simple walk can be beneficial) are happier than those who prefer to be lazy. If nothing else, increasing your heart rate will promote endorphin production and automatically put you in a better mood.

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