Travel blog post ideas to write about

Travel blog post ideas to write about

Hello everyone! How are you? Did you lose your inspiration? Don’t know what to write any more about travel blog posts? Or, maybe you have a lot of travel topics and you cannot decide which is the best.

Don’t worry! Take a few minutes off what you are doing, take a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, relax and start reading my list of subjects for maybe your next blog.


These are my favorite travel blog ideas to write about:

  1. Me & Travelling
    1. My first time abroad
    2. Places I like/I’m afraid of visiting
    3. The most beautiful place for me so far
    4. Why I love / I hate _____ (city, place, country, etc)
    5. My bucket list
  2. Enough about me, let’s talk about you
    1. What kind of travel are you?
    2. Traveling alone or with someone
    3. Where you should travel next
  3. Planning & Preparation
    1. How to organize your trip
    2. Packing tips to make travel easier
    3. How to stay healthy when you travel
    4. Your packing list(s)
    5. Booking hotels and flight
  4. How traveling change your life
    1. Travelling – a cure for depression
    2. Couple traveling = couple therapy
    3. Do travelers live longer
    4. Is traveling a healthy way of living
    5. Travelers with severe disabilities
    6. Inspirational Travel Quotes
    7. Inspiration TED Talks about travel
  5. Destinations
    1. Top attractions in ___
    2. Top restaurants in ___
    3. City _ & city __ Which do you like most
    4. Top 10 things not to miss in __
    5. The most romantic beaches in Europe / in the world
    6. Best locations to surf
    7. Best locations for fishing
    8. Best locations for birdwatching
    9. Top 10 Gay-Friendly Destinations
    10. Most Under/Overrated Cities in the World
    11. Top 10 destinations to visit this winter
    12. Top 10 destinations to visit this summer
  1. Restaurants & Nightlife
  2. Food trucks
  3. Entertainment and a little bit of history
    1. Festivals
    2. Museums
    3. Special tours
    4. Hiking, camping, and backpacking
    5. Water parks
    6. Best markets
    7. Bookstores
    8. State & National Parks
    9. Churches and cathedrals
    10. Abandoned places
    11. Historic towns or buildings
    12. Ancient places and ruins
  4. Here are 7 different blog post ideas you could write based on one trip:
    1. 24/48 hours in___
    2. Top 10 Things to Do in ___
    3. How to Save Money Traveling in ___
    4. 10 Things to Know Before Traveling to ___
    5. What to Pack for ____
    6. Where to stay in ___
    7. The thing that surprised me / I hate about ____
    8. Safety Tips for ____
    9. Top 10 foods that are absolutely delicious in ___
  5. How to…
    1. How to travel on a low budget
    2. How to travel with kids
    3. How to with pets
    4. How to stay healthy while traveling
    5. How to travel as a vegetarian/vegan
    6. How to save money for travel
    7. How to plan a round-the-world trip


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